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Verdera helps investors leverage the changing landscape and resulting opportunities in the energy sector.  A group of seasoned energy engineering and investment professionals, we have a passion as much for financial efficiency as energy efficiency.  We see a world where smart energy decisions and higher risk-adjusted returns are increasingly intertwined.  Our vision is to maximize that opportunity for our investor partners.  

Who We Serve

We seek to partner with investors, building owners, asset managers, and others who share our vision of creating opportunities for higher risk-adjusted returns through smarter energy choices.

As an objective third-party advisor, our goal is to maximize your financial success in any clean energy investment opportunity.  As a trusted partner, our goal is to build a relationship that lasts.  We love our work, choose our engagements selectively, and commit to the success of every project and every client over the long term.


“Help me increase my net income reliably”


“I want higher yields at lower risks”


“I need to enhance limited partner cash flows”

Asset Managers

“I want to prioritize and execute energy programs in my portfolio”

Sustainability Managers

“Help me achieve my triple bottom line goals”

Building Operators

“Help me greenlight building upgrades”

Building Managers

“Lower my expenses and keep my tenants happy”

Our Team

Alex Kaffka
Alex KaffkaPresident & CEO
Alex leads Verdera’s mission to improve the financial efficiency of income-property portfolios through smart energy investments. He is a veteran of the investment real estate and energy efficiency sectors, with 15 years of experience in energy efficiency and renewable energy project development, finance, and real estate. He works closely with investors and executives to develop and implement portfolio and property “energy plans”. He has experience in all aspects of energy project development from portfolio assessments, energy audits, financial structuring, design of Near Zero Energy buildings, construction implementation, and long term performance verification. Alex speaks regularly at national and regional energy and real estate asset management conferences and seminars.
Geoff Hancock
Geoff HancockDirector of Engineering
Geoff holds two engineering degrees from the University of Michigan, a bachelors in Mechanical Engineering and a masters in Energy Systems Engineering. He has spent the last 10 years transforming buildings with energy system upgrades and 14 years developing and deploying best practices in engineering and business and leading technical teams. The theme of his career has been applying multi-objective optimizations to complex engineering problems then presenting results simply to decision-makers. Besides energy, he is passionate about all aspects of a sustainable lifestyle including food systems and turning ‘waste’ into value. He helps out at a family truffle orchard, eats local and tends a worm compost bin. To clear his head, he enjoys cycling and trail running.